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Pick Your Own Cherries

We are probably the largest Pick Your Own Cherry Farm in NSW. Our motto since we began Pick Your Own in about 1998 was "To treat our customers as we would treat out guests".

Generally the picking season starts in about mid November and can go up till Christmas. However, we recommend that you contact us via our contact page or phone us to check on the ripening of the fruit as Mother Nature can change things to suit herself.

Give us a call on 0481 355 543 to check on our fruit's ripeness.

We do not sell to the markets so you will get top quality fruit. Our cherries are all the big, black cherries as we believe that these varieties are superior as they are sweet and crunchy.

Our orchards are situated close to our house. All our orchards are mown grass and are extremely well kept.

Make a Day of it

People are welcome to picnic in our two acres of gardens. We take bookings for buses and can reserve certain areas for large groups. We don't require bookings from groups of 15 or so people, but we encourage people to check with us as to the availability of fruit BEFORE they travel.

Customers pay per kilo for what they take out of the orchard. We provide buckets for picking the cherries.


Pick Your Own Strawberries

Our delicious Strawberries are usually available from the end of October until about the first week or so in April, again depending on the season.

If you have never tasted strawberries straight from the plant, it is truly a memorable experience. Our varieties have very sweet and full of flavor. defiantly a must try.

Please call 0481 355 543 to check for the availability of fruit before you come.


Pick Your Own Sugar Plums

Our sugar plums are usually available in February, but again please check with us by calling 0481 355 543.


Pick Your Own FIGS

We have 5 different varieties of figs available, each with there own unique color and flavor. Figs are usually available from late January until late March. 

Please call 0481 355 543 to check for the availability of fruit before you come.


Pick Your Own Fuyu Persimmons

Pick your own persimmons available from early mid April until late May. We have 3 different varieties of Persimmons that are all from the crunchy variety that can be eaten with the skin on.


Please call 0481 355 543 to check for the availability of fruit before you come.


Open Every Day

We are open every day of the year. In cherry season we are open from about 8am - 5pm.

0481 355 543

Cherry Season Alert

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Pick Your Own Cherries

Come and pick your own cherries straight from the farm! Fresh, delicious and juicy. Make a day of it and have a picnic or bring a bus full of friends.

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